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Laundry Services at Affordable Prices

The greatest washing and dry cleaning services are what Wash Laundry guarantees. Our experts take care of your clothes like theirs and handle everything with lot of patience. We ensure:

  • No fabric shrinking
  • 100% maintenance of fabric's sheen and texture
  • Unlike other dry cleaners in Delhi that use harmful oil-based solvents, our dry cleaners cause no environmental impact.

Our dry cleaning services in Delhi have successfully removed specific stains like heena (mehendi), Indian turmeric, spices, ballpoint pen, and exceedingly ancient stains. Once you reach us, you will yourself experience the benefits of using our dry cleaning or laundry services and see the difference.

Why to choose our Dry Cleaning Services?

Ornamental Dress Dry-Clean
Time:72 Hours

If there is some ornamental stuff on the fabric of occasional/decorative/ethnic dresses, then the delicate intricacy of the design makes the cloth unsuitable for hand or machine washing. In this case, only dry cleaning can be a safer alternative to choose for such kind of pricey clothing. So, our team can make it easy for you without harming anything.

2-Suit Dry-Clean

Suit is one the best formal outfit that gives you more grace and sophistication. You wear a suit on special occasion and want to keep it with care for a longer period of time. So, even a single spot can lose its grace and bring you disappointment. These expensive and precious clothing need the careful handling of dry cleaning. Our dry clean service will take care of your formals suits and will not let it choose its charm.

3-Saree Dry Clean

Indian ladies are extremely in love with sarees and have a unique affection for them, but washing, drying, folding becomes a hectic task. It also it needs time to clean this long, exquisite garment. So dry cleaning is the best choice instead of being worried about its cleaning to keep your exquisite sarees in top condition and their original colour. Contact us for your dry cleaning your sarees to get a safe and happy result.

3-Blanket and Bedding Dry-Clean

The huge pieces of bedding clothing and the thick blankets might be laborious to clean because they are regularly dirty and discoloured. If you give us the task, we'll make sure your bedding looks tidy and inviting

Wash Laundry’s Dry Cleaning at Its Best

Always keep your clothing clean and odour-free because a man's clothes define him. After all, well-dressed clothes will undoubtedly give off a positive picture of your personality and sense of style. However, washing your clothes and doing the laundry are frequently time-consuming and unpleasant tasks that take away from your ability to work effectively. Naturally, it isn't the most pleasurable profession in the world either.

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Our laundry services are providing at the best price that anyone can afford. We have all the amenities to treat your clothes with all its very requirements.

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